Thursday, January 3, 2013

Vinya Loa

Na Alye Vinya Loa!  Na alyen Rana Vinya.

and now... An Essay on the Star of The Magi...  Happy Birthday John, a pint of bitter and a pipe-full of Old Toby.

(or perhaps something a bit stronger) - ML

Oh stuff it!  And you Promised!  It being my birthday and all.

(unofficial birthday - and I never said when...) - ML

But Epiphany is on a SUNDAY!  And it's the WOLF MOON!

(settle down, chibi!  Geez I liked it better when you were all weepy!) - ML

Saturday, December 22, 2012

12-21 Nande!@

Honestly now, did you really  think...  I mean, seriously...  It's not like you saw all the nobles heading for the hills (or the secret underground cities...) after all, when the best they can do is conjure up psych-med-addled patsies to machine gun innocent little runts...

"Ah, the blood of the wolves... magnificent!"

            "Enough!  That is enough."

I suppose I should have held off and posted this on the 28th, on the "Feast of the Innocents"  But sometimes I think the world has no idea what 2012 portends;  the west has become far too timid, imagining all manner of wild disasters.  Fear mongering seems to be the Nobles great Last Stand.

It seems to have backfired:  at least the firearms dealers are having a very merry season.  Be that as it may, nevertheless, truth is the most potent of instruments, wielded properly it threatens the whole edifice of clever lies the Nobles have cleverly maintained all these long years.

Truth endures, even though buried in old fairy tales, legends, and under sloppy maths.  It hides under the law of confusion.  It even hides behind free will.  It is there for those who wish to see it; it waits for those with the courage and faith to think for themselves.

And for the long ages it remained hidden for those who chose to ignore it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Draco Orientalis Baselius Rx

This world has more sorrows than WR ever did! The place is run by thugs like Jagera who refuse to cut their losses. Edouard Harle used to call them Nazis. "snakes refuse to admit when they're beaten." Leaving no other option than the "kiba tracheotomy".

That's it for this year. Maybe forever. I sure hope not.

Next year is "the dragon year"....

In other news, the Financial War continues. Looks like the so called, "central banker Gold Short" was misjudged. By two or three orders of magnitude. All the fairy tales about "Yamashita's Gold" were just the the tip of the iceberg. Of course, none of this gold will be bidding for dollars. Oh no, quite the reverse. That's what the fools cannot understand...

Ookami wants their Gold Back. "We're taking Cheza, AND Paradise".

This becomes harder and harder to understand. For the paper gold Bugs: why would those old farts sit on 300 million TONNES (you heard me right, 10 trillion ounces) of gold and not spend it? As if they've never heard of zero declining marginal utility. The other silly idea, is why they would want to buy DOLLARS? They think that China is buying up Africa- the idea of DEVELOPING africa is beyond their comprehension.

You see, (you dont see), it's all really very simple. These poor boobs never watched Wolf's Rain. They never had an original thought in their entire lives. They've been living inside Jagera's Dome for so long, they forgot what snow looks like. They think like snakes, or worse, like dogs. "Please beat me, master! I want my kibble now! May I pee on the neighbor's yard now?". For these pampered poodles, WWII was a vague memory, and the atrocities and double-crosses that preceeded it all a myth they never heard of!

Blue was right "Wolves would never do that". No, they're at leased civilised. Well, it will all come out in the end. Then the Dragon Year will be followed by the Snake (shudder) and then maybe, there will be room for Ookami to have some breathing room at last.

Ah me...

I'm getting ahead of the story. Christmas is a funny time. We're at the solstice. The point where earth's energies are at the point of least action in the north. All the cycles are comming to an end, and the Nobles are getting ready for a victory that will never be. The silliness of this season never ceases to amaze me. Ellie is completely blind to it (especially if the night's are clear and the moon is out)...

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Do you see it? The last full moon of 2011, and the last lunar eclipse before 2012? At this time this morning the earth, the sun and the moon and the galactic center are all in alignment (or about as close as they'll ever be) while the sun hides in the heart of Ophuichus.

Ok, so in Europe you're missing it, though if you are parked around the ring of fire you probably have a decent view.

Last year this bizzare event actually happened on 12/21, yes, another lunar eclipse.

Next year this event (no eclipse though) will take place on "the feast of innocents" The bath of stars, the.... anyhow.

But before then, you can have the pre-view, around the new moon on the night of June 19th, when the earth will stand between the the Galactic center with the moon and Sun on the other side.

And did you know that the first full moon of the year is sometimes called (what else) the wolf moon?

And next, a summary from ML... (assuming we dont get hacked) and Greetings from

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Melda' Laure's (in-)Famous trail of broken treaties Pumpkin Pie.

Back by popular demand:

ML - "Y'know, Quent would say this is a damn waste of good booze."

Ell - "d'ya think you should tell them that you created this recipie as a means of clearing out the house of all hard liquor to prevent the alcoholic's from ruining the holiday?"

"Tell you what Ellie, I promise not to reveal any of your personal vices- ok?"

"Ha ha ha, very funny."

Na Tarte Nirnaith

Prepare pumpkin pie filling from Can of Libby's solid pack pumpkin (for two pies) as usual. Substitute 1 cup of Cheap Rot-gut Off Label Supermarket Brand Rum (I wouldn't even use Bacardi) by reducing the amount of canned milk by a similar amount. Use dark rum of course, the nastiest 2nd distillation- not quite good enough for molasses type stuff.

At this point, if you're having a party, you can just serve up the pumpkin pie filling raw and call it pumpkin Egg Nog. Dont worry about the raw eggs- the booze just killed all the bacteria and any sense of taste you may have had.

Now, since rum has no appreciable solids and the pie would be runny, add in 1/2 cup of yellow corn meal in memory of all those poor two leggeds (and four leggeds) who bought the farm at the hands of the Nobles 500 year war against native freedom, and everything decent and worthy and living. Feel free to toss a pinch of meal to each of the four directions if you're into that sort of thing (easier to get away with if your kitchen is out of doors.)

And remember, not even all of Jagera's guns and 200 year Final Solution pogrom against wolves could prevent the final outcome. 500 years of sorrows (and for some, drowning them in booze) gets on you after a while. It doesn't matter, in the grand scheme of things our present miseries are winning for us a great reward and victory.

It is (after all is said and done) as declares Kiba: I've lost nothing. Paradise is empty if you're the only one there- it's meaningless without your friends, or if (like Jagera) you dont have any.

"Ellie, are you going to help in the kitchen or waste your life on the computer all evening?"

ooh, gotta go.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Elluindil is on Vacation.

may the valar keep you
may heaven's light shine upon you
until we meet again...

(oh, yeah, we'll be back, soon as he gets his head back in focus. I'll post a summary here soon, events permitting. In the meantime, turn off the TV news, and go chase your tail or something.)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

auta i dagor aranelyi ?

Sentio vis magnam perturbationem.

Jeezis! This is worse than 911 and way worse than Japan! Ammanye Atarelya! At this rate there wont be any nobles left by the time Ellie finishes this exposition...

Ummm... I think the kid just passed out... I shouldn't have told him the death toll. Jeez! Even Jaggera's troops didn't deserve this sort of shit - (ok, well I mean, even if they DO, but even thugs have kids you know.) I fear I will sound like a broken record, but you simply must not be angry at all the nasty and evil people that are tormenting the wolves (or you). It will just distract you from the real prize. Look at poor Quent: no amount of revenge could ever fill his pit of misery. That sort of thinking will never get you to... aw crap!

War sucks. Elli is totally worthless when this shit goes down, even when the bad guys get their comeuppance (he just isn't the sort to care about things like revenge) - kid's going to be a nervous wreck...


well maybe not. The war of the nobles may just have ended. Give my regards to K Nobumoto if you ever run into her.

Melda out. sk..